Adobe Photoshop Touch HD for iPad

Adobe Photoshop Touch HD for iPad

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  • Adobe Photoshop Touch汉化版

    Photoshop iPad版汉化版专为平板电脑开发版本,支持Retina高清屏幕,Adobe Photoshop Touch汉化版支持图层、选择、调整、过滤器等功能,以及画笔、笔刷、橡皮擦、选取等不同的工具,可以从本地存储选择图像或者直接使用摄像头拍摄获取照片。借助触摸操作可以让边缘调整、区域选取等功能更加好用。

    Adobe Photoshop Touch HD支持最大2048×2048像素图像编辑,可以从云存储中获取完整图像或者图层,修改结果也可以通过云服务或者其他网络方式进行分享。

    Adobe Photoshop Touch iPad v1.3 更新说明:
    • Retina Display Support: See your images like never before with the Retina display on the new iPad (third generation).
    • Higher resolution capabilities: Work on high-resolution images while maintaining the highest image quality. Supports images up to 12 megapixels.
    • Two new languages: Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.
    • Two new Effects: Shred and Colorize
    • Smoother animation and scrolling in the organizer, tutorial browser, and file picker
    • New gesture to toggle 100% view and fit screen (three-finger tap)
    • New pixel nudging mode for precise movements
    • Support for Apple Photo Stream
    • Various bug fixes