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  Vocabulary Briefing (Glossary)

  访问级别Access Level


  The Access Level defines your agent level and the level of objects that you are allowed to use. Your Access Level increased in the game as your earn Action Points (AP).

  行动点数AP (Action Points)


  Points earned as you accomplish tasks such as claiming Portals, creating Links, and forming Fields.



  The communication panel for communicating with other agents.

  冷却周期Cool Down Period


  A mandatory waiting period after hacking a Portal before you can hack the same Portal again in an attempt to acquire items. This period gets progressively longer if you are performing repeated Hacks.

  控制场Control Field

  Link三个Portals来建立一个控制场。建立一个控制场来给你的faction提升Mind Unit的得分,这基于场中所包含的人口密度。

  Link three Portals to form a Control Field. Establishing a Control Field increases the Mind Unit score for your faction based upon the human population density encompassed by the field.


  如果Resonators 不充能的话,随着时间流逝,它们会自然地崩坏和失去它们的XM健康值。

  Resonators will naturally decay and lose their XM health over time if they are not recharged.



  The act of installing an object. Resonators are deployed on Portals to control the Portal.

  设备设置DEVICE Settings


  Settings view in the OPS panel where game options and settings are controlled.



  Faction attempting to help the Shapers infiltrate Earth. Followers believe that the Shapers bring a powerful Enlightenment that will lead to an evolution of humankind.



  There are two main factions, or global teams, battling for control: The Resistance and the Enlightened.



  A mechanism for acquiring items from a Portal. Not every hack will be successful.


  展示目前得分的一个视图。展示了抵抗军和启示军双方的Mind Unit得分。

  A view showing the current scores. Displays the Mind Unit scores for both the Resistance and the Enlightened.

  情报地图Intel Map


  A web site that allows agents to view the current global state of the conflict and communicate with other agents.

  研究板Investigation Board


  A site where truth seekers post their discoveries about their findings.



  An inventory of the game objects held by an agent. The ITEMS view is accessible via the OPS panel.

  心灵单位Mind Units

  A measure of the human population that lives under a Control fields. The global score of Mind Units is shown on the INTEL view and on the Intelligence Map.



  A list of Missions available in the OPS panel. This includes the training missions that agents receive when they are first contacted.


  一类可以被安装进其他物体以提升能量或性能的物体。例如,安装一个Shield MOD进一个Portal会提升它的防御力。

  An object that can be installed to increase the power or capability of another object. For example, installing a Shield MOD on a Portal will increase the defensive power of the Portal.



  National Intelligence Agency: A black budget intelligence agency which appears to be a mundane administrative unit that coordinates International Intelligence. It is, in fact, the Agency that has been assigned to investigate ‘low probability/high risk’ threats -- like transdimensional activity or paranormal threats.

  安奈蒂克计划NIANTIC Project


  This is the secret experiment in France that starts our story. The original purpose is to study strange energy anomalies. It is run by DR. BOGDANOVITCH, and consists of 13 INVESTIGATORS. It goes horribly awry, in part, because a secret parallel project has been going on inside of it in which CALVIN is testing the effects of Shaper Infection (the NIA term for it) on the researchers.



  选项面板被集成到Scanner的应用中。OPS面板包括了 ITEMS, INTEL, MISSIONS, RESEARCH, and DEVICE信息分页。

  The “Operations” panel that is integrated into the Scanner application. The OPS panel includes the ITEMS, INTEL, MISSIONS, RESEARCH, and DEVICE information tabs.

  接口密匙Portal Key

  一个允许链接创建于Portal的物品。它也允许对附于Potal上的Resonators远程recharging 。一个Portal密匙可以通过Hacking Portal获得。

  An object that allows for the creation of a Link to the Portal. It can also allow for remote recharging of the Resonators attached to the Portal. A Portal Key can be obtained by Hacking the Portal.

  接口级别Portal Level

  一个基于不同的Resonator被deployed 在一个接口的总级别。当一个更高级别的接口被Hacked时,通常会得到更高级别的道具。

  A summary level based on the various Resonator levels deployed on a specific Portal. Higher level ITEMS are usually received when higher level Portals are Hacked.



  Resonators must be periodically Recharged to maintain their power and control a Portal. If Resonators lose too much XM, then they will be at risk of easy destruction during enemy attacks. If all the Resonators on a Portal drop in XM health to the Critical level, then Links from the Resonators’ Portal will fail. Recharging a Resonator involves transferring XM from your Player reserve to the Resonator(s) on a Portal.


  这个Faction从塑造者的入侵中保护地球。 他们中的一些人其实是害怕改变和进步,但是抵抗军坚信这是为了保护人性。

  Faction defending the Earth from the Shaper ingression. They are seen by some as being fearful of change or progress, but the Resistance is firm in its belief that it is protecting humanity.



  A high energy particle accelerator that is used to control the XM energy emitted by Portals. Deploying a Resonator on a Portal allows you to claim the Portal for your Faction.



  The core technology for your phone, the Scanner can detect Portals and interact with Exotic Matter (XM) and XM constructs such as Resonators and XMPs.


  ADA或者NIA提出的一个或许可以通过XM Portals渗透我们的维度的跨维度智能的代号。目前,我们没有塑造者的影像。当他们以人类身份显露出来时,我们似乎看到他们。(也就是,我们看到科学家,不是在里面的思想病毒(译者注:这句话不理解,无法翻译!))

  A code name assigned by ADA or the NIA for the transdimensional intelligence that may be infiltrating our dimension through XM Portals. At present, we have no visualization for Shapers. We only seem to see them when manifested in their human identities (i.e., we see the scientist, not the idea virus inside).

  盾防模组Shield MOD


  A type of MOD that can be installed on a Portal to increase its defense against attacks.



  An action that will direct the agent to the targeted location or object.



  The ability to replace objects with items with a more powerful tech level. For example, Resonators and Mods, such as Shields, can be upgraded to increase the defensive strength of a Portal.

  外来物质XM (Exotic Matter)


  A rare and powerful form of tri-polar energy leaking into our universe from another dimension. This energy forms the basis for all Shaper technology. XM is needed to power your Scanner. If XM falls below critical levels, your Scanner will be disabled. You can collect XM (represented by glowing orbs on the Scanner Map) by moving through those areas. The XM will be automatically harvested by your Scanner.



  Non-polarized energy field weapon. Fires off in moving wave of 360 radius. As the weapon is upgraded, the energy wave’s power and radius of effect grow larger.



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